Microsoft Windows 7 Support Ends in January 2020.


Computer Repair

 Virus, Malware and Junk-ware Removal,  Hardware Diagnostics,   Remote Assistance
Home Networking
Wireless Networking
Office Networking
On-Site Repairs
Data Recovery Services
Password Removal
Hard Drive Replacement
Video Cards
Wireless Encryption
Broadband Installation
Data Transfer
Data Backup Devices
Off-Site and Cloud Backup
Local and On-Site Backup
Multi-media Presentations
Software Installation
Desktop and Laptop Upgrades
Operating System Installation
Special Order Parts
and more. 

Custom Built to you needs.

We specialize in building Quality Custom Built Computers.   What ever your needs from simple home users or high end Gamer to the ultimate workstation, we can build it.   

We use the best quality parts your budget allows and strive to build your machine to last for years.  Our machines are backed by the manufacturer's warranty typically 3-5 years depending on the component.  Intel, or AMD based, is your choice, but we will help to guide you to the best machine your budget will allow.

As for pricing, our machines are competitively priced.  We do not sell low end units, but mid-grade and up we are extremely competitive.

We also offer units that cannot be built or bought "off the shelf" since each computer is customized to your needs and demands.

We also offer onsite setup for your new computer for very reasonable prices.

On-Site Service

We also offer onsite service calls.  Some issues cannot be handled over the phone, or through remote assistance.

In these situations a "house call" may be necessary.  

Tech-Knuckle offers onsite to both business and home users.  

Examples of onsite calls would be networking issues, router setup or replacement, wireless printer installation, networking, file sharing etc.

Some issues cannot be addressed through an onsite service call.   These situations may include virus or malware cleanup,  hard drive integrity testing, hard disk replacement with data transfer, clean installation of an operating system, or data recovery, etc.   Due to time constraints these issues would need to be addressed in our office.

Remote Assistance

Many issues can be resolve through remote assistance.   This is a service we offer to all of our customers for both your convenience and ours.  

We do charge a resonable fee for this service.

System Management

We also offer system wide maintenance and management for our customers.  Please call our office for more information.

Consultation and Advice

All customers have questions, we have answers. Our customers are always welcome to call for advice or just to have a question answered.   Please be aware that we may have to look for an answer as well so we may not have an immediate solution, but we will do our best to find one.

More Services

Network Support & Maintenance

We can set up and maintain your business's network, or help troubleshoot and maintain your existing network. 

IT Support

We are available to consult with you or your staff when problems arise with your hardware or software. We are available for remote or on-site assistance.

Cloud Service & Data Backup

We will work with you to establish the appropriate cloud size and available resources for your business.