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About Us

How we got our name

For those of you who know Brad and Bonnie, you know they are from different parts of the country.  Bonnie is from Lancaster County Pennsylvania, and Brad is from the North Central part of Indiana.   Brad and Bonnie have always playfully bantered about each others accents.   Bonnie claims that in Pennsylvania, they speak "normal English", however, in Indiana she feels that...let's just say the pronunciation of words carries a bit more "country" than normal.    When Bonnie and Brad where trying to come up with a name for the business, Bonnie made the comment with her best version of an Indiana accent and said," why don't cha jest calls it lak ya says it..."tek knuckle".          Viola! Tech-Knuckle was born.

How we got started

We were introduced to computers in 1990 when our son, Seth, received a computer from the Make-a-Wish Foundation. A few months later Seth received a game called "Aces over Europe" on CD as a gift from friends. However, the original PC did not have a CD ROM drive and we decided to upgrade the PC in order for Seth to be able to play the game . A valued friend steered and guided us through the upgrade process, and thus began the involvement in PC’s. Later, Seth needed a sound card in the computer, so again, we upgraded his computer.   By helping friends and family members upgrade and/or build new PC’s, the knowledge and fascination grew until 2000 when Tech-Knuckle became a full–fledged business. Brad continued employment at a nationally known corporation. His favorite part of the job involved technological aspects such as software development, IT training ,database management, and network troubleshooting within the corporation. In 2004, through customer referrals, experience gained through building hundreds of PC’s and an ever-growing knowledge of different operating systems and applications, we made the move to full-time self employment. In 2006, as the business continued growing, we opened a store front at our present location


Our Children

Chelsey Montgomery

As mentioned above our son received a gift from the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Both Chelsey (our daughter) and Seth (our son) were born with Cystic Fibrosis. Both of our children brought much joy to our lives. 

We feel that where we are today is the result of God’s guidance and the special role of our children’s lives in ours. During the many hospital stays, Chelsey had incredible determination which drove her to figure out the games. She would play "Nintendo" for many hours, never giving up without the winning or beating the level. Without Chelsey’s passion for “computer games” and her competitive nature, Brad’s fascination for computer-based games might not have developed. 

Chelsey Montgomery
Chelsey Montgomery


Seth Montgomery

Seth also had a very competitive nature, but on a different level. He strived to be on the cusp of technology (always wanted the “latest and greatest”) and was fearless in the face of the unknown when it came to upgrading. He was able to convince Brad that a network within our home would make computer life even more fun, and it was!  

They spent many hours competing over LAN with several games which brought laughter (usually directed at Brad) and enjoyment to our family.  

Life took a turn for our family when in 1994 our daughter Chelsey passed away due to complications from Cystic Fibrosis and again in 1999 when our son Seth also passed away. They will always be missed.