Microsoft Windows 7 Support Ends in January 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't i get online or get my email?

Try this first.  Restart your computer.  If that doesn't work, unplug your router or modem from the wall.  Give it 2 minutes before plugging in.   Wait for 5 minutes and test to see if your internet is back up.  If this doesn't work give us a call.

Why is my computer so slow?

Computer slowness can be caused by many factors.  Under-powered hardware, old or failing hardware, junk-ware, browser extensions, even anti-virus programs.  Give us a call and we can assist in solving the issue.

Did microsoft really call me?

Computer scams are at an all time high.   If you have received an unsolicited phone call from a tech company, most likely it is a scam.  Never let anyone remote into your computer unless you have initiated the contact.  If you have called a number on your screen, or received an unsolicited call from a tech company and have allowed access.  Disconnect your computer from the internet and call our office.